Long Weekend Wardrobe

Love clothes, hate packing?  Me too.

I have a few rules that I try to stick to when packing for a long weekend away, here’s how I (try) to spend less time packing more time weekending!

1/ Choose your clothes around the number of days you have away.  This Easter I have three whole days away plus one day travelling to my destination and one day travelling back. I can wear the same outfit (more or less) on both days of travel, this usually includes comfy jeans, a jumper, flat boots and an outside coat, which doubles for walking the dog.  Therefore less to travel.

 2/ What will your weekend days involve? Long country walks? City visits, friends, family or fancy hotels and posh nosh?  Choose your outfits carefully for the event and day.  I usually try the outfits on in advance to make sure I have the right underwear, shoes and accessories in mind.

3/ Check the weather!  It sounds silly but I’m not the first person to freeze at a festival in August or be washed away in my Jimmy Choo’s at a wedding in a marquee in July.  Should you really wear that bonnet for Easter?

 4/ Choose a look and stick to it. My outfits this weekend consist of boots (high black, high nude, flats), Jeans (Black, Grey and Blue), Blouse (Black, Nude and Blue) Statement Jacket various x 3 and Silk Scarf x 3.  I get confused when I try to mix it up with say palazzo pants, culottes or a maxi dress.  All fine for a one night away wardrobe but the long weekend is a different beast. You should pack what you know works x3, stick to a look and work it.

5/ One handbag.   I know, it’s hard, but I’m putting this out there people.  You can do a long weekend or even a week away with only one bag, albeit a fabulous work hard sort of bag.  Try it, you’ll see.  You will feel refreshed and lighter and altogether more Weekending.

 Have a lovely Easter and bank holiday.

Love DSB X

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