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We are kinda in the middle of the bleak midwinter here in Blighty.  Except its not been that bleak, I mean its very cold but we have had an astonishing amount of sun shine  days. I mean I’ve spent as much time in ballet flats and trainers as full on boots.   To be honest I’ve not worn a knee high boot all season.

Which begs the question is the knee high needed?  I’m not seeing them in the high street at all and they evoke romantic seventies vibes which is not the current edgy street style that’s trending on the catwalk and well, on the street.

Whats hot is the humble ankle boot in almost any carnation.  I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, Topshop do a pretty unbeatable line in ankle booting.

Take note ladies, the weather is changing and winter ain’t over yet. We are due some rain and gloom so lets keep spirits high by investing in a new pair of ankle boots.

Topshop have a mega collection, changing all the time.

At the moment I’m loving…

The Milly Frill.

Frills are the ubiquitous addition to everything right now.  Frills on your shirt on your collar around your wrist, why not on your boot.

Leather pleating, leather frills do something to my brain. Just a little OTT, probably would’nt wear these to Tesco’s but lovely for an occasion or a day in the City.


Klash Snake Boot

What I love about this boot is that it is extravagant yet practical.

Love the snake, love the black and white, love love love the flat heel.

Love it.



Mickey Cone Heel Boot

Ok, this is a bit of a curve ball and a huge nod to the 1980’s.  It’s suede, it’s burgundy and it had a weird heel but I love it. This boot totally on my hot list at least until spring shows itself!


For all of these boots and more

Love DSB X



3 thoughts on “Topshop Ankle Boots

  1. Love love your choices. I chose the cone heeled boot on my selection when I did a boot edit! It’s a fab boot, it has a nod to marant for me and I like the black leather option but actually looking at that suede one I am very tempted, and the snake boot is fab. I bought a pair of ankle boots from top shop a couple of years ago and they are still going strong. I don’t think I’ll ever feel too old to have a browse. Toppers jeans aren’t bad either ..
    Jules x

  2. whoops ….Love a link to Marant boots (my fave) but day to day I wear a lot of Topshop boots. Last year I bought the Magnificent (thats the name, although they are) ankle boots and they are still going strong…..

    Thanks for your comments xxx

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