Top Five tips on Beating the January Blues

January can be a funny time, the high of Christmas and New Year can result in the January blues.  Partying and revelling can mean crashing with a bang in Jan.  With every up must come a down.

I’ve never been a fan of January.  Oh no,  cold and dark and depressing, its my least favourite time of the year, however after living with depression and anxiety for some years now I have a few tricks up my sleeve, ways to make my life better in the middle of winter.

1/ Hygge is the scandi buzzword of the moment, to me it means looking after yourself, I’m a fan of Simplicity on a Sunday. On your day off do the things that make you happy and make you smile.

2/ Go for a walk, there’s nothing like walking by the beach or in the countryside to clear the mind and put you in a good mood.

3/ Light candles and fires.  As soon as I come home on a night I light candles, it fills the air with beautiful aromas, at the moment I can’t get enough fig and musky smells.

4/ Put the music on and dance!  Well you don’t have to dance but music uplifts the soul and can be the key for me to make a bad day good and a dark day bright.

5/ Cook!  I love preparing and cooking food, I also love laying the table and making a celebration out of  the dishes you create

Ok, that’s my top five, if I can add a PS I’d say have a bath with a herbal detox oil such as Olverum, which smells delicious and go to bed with a good book and freshly washed linen.

How do you Hygge?

Love DSB X

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