Empire State (of mind!)


Atop The Empire State Building
Atop The Empire State Building

How do!

I got engaged in January, a shock for anyone who knows me!  It’s not that I was anti marriage I just didn’t think I was that into it.  Oh how all of that changed on 22nd January 2010!  Mr Boston and I were in New York doing a menswear show for denisonboston.  After a week of work Mr B pulled a big surprise and booked us into a proper swanky place in the meatpacking district, Hotel Gansvoort – Really very cool, pool, spa, concierge….you know the sort of place where the have a lift boy and bell hop, or is that lift hop and bell boy? Never mind.  After a day of sipping cocktails and swimming (not recommended after more than 3 Mojito’s) Mr B suggested the Empire State building for a bit of evening air before dinner, bit odd I thought but why not indulge him, we’re on holiday right?

86 floors later (we used the elevator, complete with lift lady) and reached the top.  Stunning views of the Chrysler Building, it was cold mind, January aint the month to be hanging about outdoors in NY.  So without further ado Mr B got down on one knee and popped the question.  I was so shocked I almost fell over and through the sparkler off the top (can you imagine the damage I could have done?  I can see the headlines now, falling rock knocks out small child..etc)

So after that rather lovely news we spent the next 2 days drinking bubbly on the 18th Floor of The Standard (the best views of Manhattan)….How very cosmopolitan!

Sunset from the Standard
Manhatten and a Side Car for Mr B!
East View from The Standard
18th Floor of The Standard

Back to Blighty (Brighton) and decided to get hitched this year.  September 25th to be precise!  We wanted to get married up North in God’s own country County Durham.  We have a venue holding the date that we are hoping to firm up soon, Seaham Hall a stunning Hotel on Durham’s rugged North East coast.  Magic, but more on that later…

Is it possible to organize a wedding in 6 months – Heck yeah, Is the Pope Catholic?

So that’s where I am, planning and getting excited and squealing about things I never thought I would, venues, the dress, table centers, bridesmaids, colours and favours.  Mr B is going to make an honest woman of me and here’s how it happens…..

4 Feet

Love Miss S x

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