Sarah Arnett Bespoke Bride

Sarah Arnett Bride
Sarah Arnett Bride

I like to shop around to get the best when I make a purchase.  I take time over a menu in an expensive restaurant; I deliberate over shoes, sometimes the most cost effective is not the cheapest long term option.  Expensive shoes tend to stand the test of time and serve as design classics.  I recently attended Leonie Claire Bridal in Brighton, which lead me to question would I spend more on a bespoke design?   It was the boutiques 4th Birthday and crikey did we celebrate! Champagne was provided by Leonie and her lovely team.  Canapés and 3 tiers of cup cakes were supplied courtesy of Jam Queen.  They were so yummy that this honest woman may have had more than one!

The really exciting bit is that I talked to Sarah Arnett about her bespoke service.  Sarah explained that she sits down and goes through your ideas, next she sketches up your ideas and illustrates a couple of options.  The bespoke service is obviously a little more expensive than the ready to wear current bride collection.  I feel so excited at the prospect of a bespoke gown! (Cue another high pitched squeal!).  Because I’m getting married in church and the reception will be held at Seaham Hall I want a dress that fits the venue.  So I’ve made an appointment to talk to Sarah in Leonie’s boutique next week.  Thanks Leonie for a fab evening and delicious goodie bag packed with ideas, advice and tips.  Feeling pretty pampered right now!

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