Second Wedding Anniversary

Today is our second wedding anniversary. Can it really be two years? It’s a time for looking at photographs although we still don’t have an album we do have lots and lots of photographs and wonderful memories of the day.


Second wedding anniversary is cotton, so what to buy as a gift? Me and Mr B were a bit stumped. Clothes? T shirts? We decided on a combined house gift of new bed linen. So off we set for a yummy lunch and duvet shopping, except we made the mistake of eating lunch and quaffing a large glass of wine before shopping. Post lunch we fell into a carpet store and stumbled upon the most perfect grey wool rug.

Tah dah! Job done perfect day out and perfect second anniversary gift. Does that count as cotton…does it for me, the cosiest must luxurious present imaginable. Today I’m feeling very lucky next to my husband my new wool rug is a very close second!

Happy anniversary Mr B x

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