This Autumn’s Modern Love

BS1620A13MODEDRSMUL_BModern Love is a Uk womenswear label that I’ve been following for some time now.  Designer Sarah Arnett designed my Wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses.

MODERN LOVE the label focuses primarily on print-based projects for womenswear has launched its AW 13 collection in stores.

This season is influenced by 1960’s Hong Kong, with cinematic elegance and a hint of cultural references.  All manner of exotic superstitions and romances saturate the prints and pallet.  Colours move from a jet like sheen, to a brighter dream-like crepe beauty.


The COLLECTION is now in its fifth season at Liberty and its second season respectively with Fenwick of Bond Street.

Modern Love’s prints are amazingly beautiful, constructed from the flaura and fauna of life they are digitally created, individual pieces become artwork in themselves….If you’re in Liberty of Fenwick of Bond Street this Autumn I suggest that you go and take a peek….dreamlike, ethereal, addictive!  Go see for yourself!



An Honest Woman x 

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