Parisian Chair Chic – II


What did you get up to this weekend?  

Sport, social, work???  European working hours are the longest in the world, so at the weekend it makes sense to kick back and enjoy some time with friends….Why then do we all like a bit of weekend DIY?


With home improvement on our minds this weekend Mr B & I found an amazing table and chair set on our street in Brighton.  Brighton & Hove residents operate a sort of Freecycle where you place unwanted furniture on the roadside and it’s kindly taken in by neighbours in need, in no time at all!


The table and chairs had been blue and although a little rust in places they definitely have an air of parisian cafe society about them.


So after some de- rust treatment we wanted to keep that kind of Provence blue, so we mixed 6 parts Annie Sloan Old White with 2 parts Aubusson Blue and made our own delicious paris/provence chic…


…..They turned out amazingly well!  Perfect for our new garden, now all we need for the weekend are friends and wine!

What do you think?

Love DOAHW x 

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