Holidays are coming…..

VGRL 8Its that time of year again…..Temperature is a lot colder, shops are decked with tinsel and the christmas ads have arrived!!

John Lewis unveiled its ad last weekend, suitably sweet cartoon with sentement and a celebrity singer…does the trick I welled up with tears! (note to self no more crying at the television!) and theres the M&S ad…unmemorable…again! And then of course the stalwart Coca cola ad …holidays are coming…holidays are coming…Coca cola has nothing to do with Christmas but I like the ad!

So holidays and Christmas and shopping!  It is a great time of year you get to shop for your family, for your mates and of course for yourself…..Its wouldnt be Christmas without a bit of love thy neighbour and dont forget yourself!

Which brings me on to the new Melissa McArthur range at Boston&Boston….delightful fine jewellery with a contemporary twist…perfect for, mum, cousin, BB or your could add it to your wishlist?

Take a look


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