Out with the old in with the new

Ah its all over and some of us may have had a little too much happy Christmas? No?

The run up to Christmas felt like a whirlwind to us, new house and a Christmas deadline was set to decorate the bedroom, bathroom, living room dining room and kitchen, no mean feat when your trying to run two fashion business and then decide on a temporary pop up shop…..me and Mr B have a joke about not being happy unless your spinning a few plates….who are we kidding?…..

Added to that we decided to have some friends over for New Years Day drinks …..A Northern New Year I called it. We would have cooked a Ham, pease pudding (look it up, lovely northern delicacy made of split peas….honestly it is good!) and a lovely northern broth……Of course we were up all night painting, so NY Day was spent clearing up, shopping….then disaster the cooker broke!

Oh no I have 30 people arriving all ready to taste some lovely northern fodder and it’s so not going to happen…..Disaster! There were tears and there may have been a glass of wine…..So I sent the hubby to the lovely local village shop who supplied the best pork pies, cheeses and nibbles….I guess it was a Buffett (say buffee)….In the end everyone loved it a glass of the good stuff some NY cheer and more importantly a nosy around the new Boston abode.

Since then I’ve had myself a home holiday, rest, walking, fire…..and NETFLIX! So far I’ve watched the entire back series of Black Books, Green Wing and Orange is the New Black. I’d recommend them all, its so good to get time away from what you usually do even if its time off at home.

Which brings me to New Year and new things….all the usuals, less booze, more exercise but also some major changes, we live in a new place and have some amazing opportunities with our house and business…..So more to come and back to work tomorrow (Menswear Collections London Monday, Florence for Pitti Uomo Tuesday for a week)…..So more from me soon.

Leaving you some pics of the new abode…..

If I didn’t say it All the Best for NY and all things NEW!

Love DSB x





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