Bring out your Sunnies, Its Spring!


Google says its the first day of Spring today, so it must be.  Apart from the Google prompt I had noted some subtle changes….

Don’t you just love the first days of Spring?  You’ve ditched Winter Coat in favour of a layering and a Mac, your bobble hat has gone to the back of the wardrobe and even the merino wool scarf that you lived in all Winter has been replaced by a silkier altogether more Spring like model.


The thing for me that signifies Spring more than anything else (daffodils, bare legs, tourists?) are my sunnies.  Its also at this point of the year that I find my sunglasses are not where I left them or (delete as appropriate) they have been, stolen/ scratched/ lost in the car/ pinched by the hubby?


That’s why this year I’m on the hunt for the perfect pair of sunglasses and this is where Warby Parker steps in.  You may have heard of them, they are THE sunnies brand of the moment.


The promo material says ‘Greet the season with cheery shapes and punches of colour’, which is a pretty cool attitude that I’d like to adopt for the season, plus the sunglasses are really are funky and colourful….Not only that but for every pair of sunnies or glasses purchased a pair of specs is donated to someone in need. So you buy a pair and give a pair. So far a wapping half a million have been given to those in need.


Take a look at their brand new Spring range  I have my eye on the Hall in Cherry Blossom and my other eye on the Dean in English Oak, I think there is a lot of justification in buying two pairs as essentially I’m also giving two pairs away…Non?

I think I feel it getting warmer already!



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