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What a lovely weekend! I know I’m obsessed by the weather but doesn’t it feel like spring?

I spent time sprucing up the house, finally working outdoors in the garden (more on that later in the week), and entertaining friends.

Sometimes I find when you decorate a room it looks finished but it takes a little time to figure out the right finishing touches. In our living room and dining room that finishing flourish has both times involved lighting.

The living room and dining room were both decorated back in November. Decorating in dark hues (teal and charcoal) we knew this would involve clever warm lighting. Here’s how we did it.

The Arc Lamp
It’s a design classic, this statement Italian marble large lamp is impressive (what’s not to like?) but be careful with the power of the bulb, no one want’s the spotlight on them.

Statement Chandeliers
We wanted wow lighting in both rooms, a mix of a modern take on a traditional chandelier came unexpectedly from Next. We choose two similar designs with cascading glass drops. They make a shimmering beautiful statement.

Warm Fireplace Lighting
With two fireplaces and no actual fires we added a grate, logs, gold paint and twinkly lights to add a warm centre effect. It’s cheap and it works, bizarrely it feels like heat radiates from the hearth!

Neon Sign Magic
I’ve always been a fan of neon art, when my girlfriends asked what I wanted for my birthday last year I quickly decided on a neon art sign. Ours says B&B which stands for Boston&Boston and bed&breakfast. Creative and fun and the white neon glow gives off a brilliance in stark contrast to our dark walls. Mega dramatic, mega fun!

So go out and play around with lighting, keep adding and mixing it up, you will know when you get it right!








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