Helly Hansen – Cool Kit

Long time ago, when I first began to run for something other than the school bus, running kit was practical. Do you remember gym shorts and gym slips? Mine were navy blue and we called them passion killers.

Then in the late 80’s and 90’s something shifted. Sports wear was developed for the street and high top trainers, designer shell suits and kappa jackets became the trendiest look around.

Problem was that you wouldn’t really wear this fashion contious garb to the gym here the trend continued to be practical, running trainers got downright ugly, you wouldn’t be seen dead wearing your running trainers to the. Disco or vice versa.


Until now that is. Helly Hansen have come up with the most beautiful NEON trainers W Kenosha HT to be exact, that take me seamlessly from Saturday morning run to the market to drinks with friends. So beautiful are these practical little pumps that I’ve had people offer to pay me cash then and there to take them off my feet!


It doesn’t stop there, HH has developed a whole bright light running kit that would double as everyday wear. You possibly wouldn’t choose to wear the running tights to a club but apart from that….passion killers they are not!

Go grab your self some neat neon trainers and a bit of peach spandex. I feel a roller disco coming on…..






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