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Over the years I’ve learned not to wrestle with my hair on a daily basis.  Some days I leave my hair fallow (or should that be feral?).  What I mean is I have naturally curly hair that wants to have its own way.  This is often a crazy, curly, wiry, lopsided, look which I now know to embrace.

That said when I do choose to have a sleek, smooth coiffured look I choose salon style tools to help.  Hair stylists now produce their own ranges of hair tools, the quality of which is getting better which means in turn you can achieve a look at home that is just as good as a salon.  The other key factor for me is ease of use.  I have no patience.  So every hair tool I use must not only perform its job well but do it in super quick time.  Here are my favourites;-

1/ I dry my hair with a huge round brush.  My Big Fat Silky Smoother brush by Lee Stafford is made from a combination of nylon pins and horse hair which creates a sleek blow dry with volume. No frizz in sight.


2/ After drying and to lock the hair into straight mode I use straighteners. My absolute favourite straightener on the market at the moment is the Cloud Nine Original Iron.  Equipped with a Micro Computer this straightener is seriously smart.  Designed by the people behind GHD Straighteners this is the best straightener I’ve used in term of temperature control and brilliantly salon slick results.

3/ If you want great results for a lot less money then try Hair Therapy Wide Plate Straightener by Nicky Clarke. The tourmaline and ceramic plates are perfect for straightening my very curly hair in no time at all.

4/ If I want to add curl (ironic when you consider how curly my hair is) I’ve been using the Lee Stafford Grooved Waving Wand which creates a beach wave effect and also nourishes your hair with argan oil infused barrel.

braun satin hair

5/ If I want softer waves I brush out the wave with the Braun Iontec Satin Hair Brush.  This tool has Ion technology which I wont even try to tell you I understand.  Better to say I don’t know how it does it but by flipping the green switch I can brush through my hair the day after styling and achieve the same look in no time at all with no fuss.


See?  DIY Salon hair.  Perfect!

Love DSB X 




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