Autumn Skincare


This time of year as the seasons change from warmer to colder weather I tend to update my beauty regime and add a few extra steps.  I thought I’d post my current products which are slightly richer in texture and provide more hydration during the months when your skin is exposed to colder weather and nasty, drying central heating.

I tend to use more product at this time of year as my skin becomes a lot dryer. My entire skincare routine only happens on days when I work from home.  If I’m catching the train to London the AM process is a lot quicker although if I’m home in time I will spend more time in the evening moisturising.  I don’t want dry flaky skin so for me moisture is key.  Here’s where I start…


Early A.M.

My morning routine is split into Early A.M. and A.M. First thing I wash my face using Aurelia Miracle Cleanser which I’ve been raving about recently.  The natural goodness smells divine and sets you up with a good clean base.

I then reach for Essence 27 which is a bio-Vitalizing Cell Hydrating Fluid.  This is a thin liquid which is quickly absorbed into the skin. This is a good extra layer if your skin needs the moisture.

After a shower I squirt on Pevonia Botanica Ligne Nyphea which is a dry body oil that smells fab and gives a lovely glow to my body, its also super speedy and dries instantly so you can get dressed quickly.



I usually take breakfast to the studio and begin to read emails while applying the next part of my skincare routine, which means its not a rushed process and allows time for the moisturisers to go to work.

I apply a few drops of ESPA Optimal Skin ProSerum, this is a soft porous oil which contains a blend of natural plant extracts and vitamins.  Alternatively I’ve used DELAROM’s skin oil which again smells amazing also its natural and sinks into the skin beautifully.

Finally its on to moisturiser and eye cream, at the moment I’m using DELAROM’s Lifting Cream which is a hyaluronic cream that feels nice and rich for this time or year.  I top it all off with a slick of Pevonia’s Lift & Glow Eye Contour Cream.

When I’m working from our StudioShed I often don’t wear make up at all which allows my face the odd make up free day… (I know its scary but stay with me) this also allows me to pop on another layer of moisturiser during the day.  I’d say if youre at work mid day there’s really no harm in adding a thin layer of moisture during the day on top of your make up.



To cleanse in the evening I switch between a DELAROM cleanser and toner and the Aurelia wash or a new exfoliator from Gazelli called Tripple Youth Illuminating Perfecting Skin Polish.

Finally before bed its CAUDALIE Vinosource, overnight Recovery Oil. Which repairs skin deep down overnight. DONE!

This Autumnal beauty regime may not be for everyone, certainly if you are time short you may not want to go through every stage.  Remember the weather can play a major part in how your skin looks and feels,  if you want softer, moisturised, nourished skin then try my routine using a combination of all or just some of the products mentioned here.  Most are available from Urban Retreat Beautique or QVCUK.


Love DSB X







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