Jas MB Fashion Bloggers Lunch

In my job as a fashion PR and blogger I get to do some pretty amazing things and hang out with some fantastically awesome people.

Almost a month ago I organised a lunch for Jas MB London connecting the brand with bloggers.  The lunch took place in the outstanding Soho dining institution that is L’Escargot.

We met in the private dining room Salon Vert which had the most Christmassy feel to it. After introductions we drank Champagne and settled into three courses of luxurious mouth watering cuisine.

During the afternoon we chatted about the brand and how incredibly the collection is designed and made in Britain. The man behind the brand Jas Sembhi explained how the brand began with record bags in the 1990’s and invited the bloggers to his factory.  Each blogger was gifted a beautiful leather Jas MB bag of their very own, what a truly good day out, fab food, interesting people…I wont be giving up the day job just yet!

With thanks to Chris John Millington, Whitney Valvede, Danielle Alexandria, Kelly Edwards-Smith and Leroy Dawkins.

Jas Sembhi and Melanie Chan of Jas MB London

And not least our lovely photographer for the day Jax Etta.



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