NutriBullet – A Blast of Goodness


I’d heard and read a lot about the Nutribullet in the past year.  If you’ve not heard about this genius piece of kitchen kit, which cave have you been living in people? Presumably you only eat freshly caught buffalo? and I don’t mean the Mozarella variety!?

It’s the all new singing and dancing healthy juicer on the block, except its not a juicer its an extractor which is a much healthier way to get all of your vitamins and nutrients in one go, easy.  This is called a NutriBlast.


I got mine at the beginning of January, new start to 2015 right?  We have pretty much blasted our way through January and February so far.  I usually have mine as a healthy alternative to breakfast or as a fruity desert after lunch.

There are so many recipes to choose from every day is different.  In our house using the basic formula of greens, fruits and seeds we create something new almost every time, although the orange ‘Viva Zip’ and the ‘Green Goddess’ are favorites (I should patent these names).


After six weeks of NutriBlasting almost every day I feel healthier, my skin looks clearer and I think I’ve lost a little of my Christmas cheer from around my tummy!


The fact that we have not become bored with a juicer after a couple of weeks in our house is the best thing, I enjoy trying new recipes and trying them on my family and friends, it sounds cliched but its true, two of my friends have since ordered the NutriBullet themselves.


You can order the nutribullet and there’s even a blog to get you started

Blast away!

Love DSB X

NutriBullet was sampled by High St TV Group however all comments and opinions are my own.


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  1. Interesting!!! I have a juicer but the pain of cleaning all the bits puts me off using it everyday! I have been intrigued by the Nutribullet for a while now .,, might be worth checking it out!


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