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I’ve long been a fan of Miller Harris perfume, to me the name conjures the distinct and complicated notes of a real perfume, as if the perfume itself is telling a story from where it came.


Lyn Harris has been working in the fragrance industry for more than twenty years and founded Miller Harris in 2000. She spent five years training in France first in Paris then the perfume capital of the world, Grasse.  She creates perfumes that reinterpret Parisian elegance for London’s eclectic style-driven streets.


To celebrate fifteen years of haute perfume, Miller Harris brings three new fragrances to life, transforming our harsh urban world into a riot of fragrance and colour with pop up spectacles, floral photography and seed bombs, spreading the evocative scents of the garden of youth -Le Jardin d’Enfance.

Le jardin d'enfance

I was asked to sample one of these new fragrances, Poirier d’un Soir, as it’s name ‘The Pear Orchard At Dusk’ suggests its a mix of ripe pear, Italian bergamot, dark rum, at its heart is rich spice, turkish rose, peony and oil tar, leaving you with a smoky core signature of white cedar and wood…..Admitedly I borrowed some of those words from the press release, in my own words the perfume is a lingering smoky heady delight which I cant stop wearing.  If its possible to be addicted to a fragrance I’m addicted to this.

Miller Harris

I was also sent Voyage Collection Pour Elle, to try three of Miller Harris’ top selling scents that are more female focused. Tangerine Vert, La Pluie, and Terre d’Iris. Three very different floral fragrances, which build a fragrant journey, fantastic travel size or as an introduction to the brand.  I loved them all.  My mum tried these when she stayed and liked them so much she made off with Terre d’Iris, either that or Blue our puppy has made off with it, she did seem very interested in my photo shoot earlier? Hmm Puppy perfume, posibly not on Miller Harris’ to do list just yet but with stand alone stores in Mayfair, Covent Garden and Seven Dials and with a following of rich and famous clients I’ll bet Lyn Harris has been asked!


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