Blush & Blue – Capsule Weekend Away Wardrobe

Blush & Blue

Topshop jacket
£50 –

White pants

Skinny jeans

Genuine leather handbag
£250 –
I recently spent a couple of days away.  With the current inclement weather I opted for casual layers in a small range of colours that I could easily interchange.
A pink blush and bit of blue denim seem to be my wardrobe basics at the moment. I followed a simple rule of shirt and comfortable jeans or jeggins (don’t laugh there is a place for jeggins, and car travel is it!)
I dressed basics with a beautiful Jas MB London bag, an Age of Reason Scarf  and a classic leather or denim jacket.  At this time of the year I spend little on clothing (jeans and T’s) and invest in classic accessories, easy, effortless, weekend chic!
Accessories and similar available at
 Love DSB X 

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