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No nation understands skincare quite like the French.  The combination of medical know how to improve the skins appearance and results that deliver make the French kilometres ahead of field.

Codage is a Parisian creator of beauty formulas with a background in the traditional French pharmacy, they solve individual beauty issues, which to you and I means they produce a range of luxury skincare specifically designed for your skin.

I started with a consultation, the very lovely English skin expert and French PR both agreed I would need the Serum No 06 Anti Age Supreme, specifically designed for mature (old) dehydrated (wrinkly and old) skin.  Coincidently its also the most expensive.  Alas they had no sample pots available, so I was given a Serum No 01 Hydration Intense (moisturising) to try and a sample pot of Creme de Nuit, I took them home.

The next day the French PR got in touch to let me know they now had the Serum No 06,  in stock and would I like to try this along with the Creme de Jour and Eau Micellaire, Cleansing Water.  I think my need for hydration had been so bad they had it  specially shipped!

I decided to conduct my own semi scientific test by only using Codage skincare products for a month. My trial lasted the whole of April.  I must first state that at no point during the month did I reach for another brand such was my loyalty to Codage.  Indeed the experience was altogether luxurious, not to mention the simply packaged products looked fantastic in my bathroom!

Now just creeping into mid May I’m still using Codage and I can report cleaner, fresher, toned skin.  My face looks younger and fine lines are less visible.

In conclusion, Codage is a more expensive choice for your skin than perhaps you are used to, however it really does make a difference, the high performance serums are specifically composed for your skin.  Also because you dont need a lot the pots will last much longer than a month.  Sometimes, and perhaps this is an age thing, your skin deserves the best, non?

While I’m sure that its advisable to start using Codage in your youth, once you reach your 40’s (early 40’s that is!) it really is a game changer to use a proper age appropriate scientifically proven face cream.

And that’s it, my advice for 40 something skin, this month forget the new shoes, raid the kids piggy bank, don’t eat out so much but do buy a good french skin cream.

and if you don’t fancy shelling out for full price products QVC have a discovery collection and mini Sample collection to try.

Amuse -toi!

Love DSB X

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