Pastel Blue – Capsule Weekend Away Wardrobe

It’s Mr B’s birthday tomorrow so I’m whisking him away to a beautiful swish hotel in the country, just outside of Bath, namely Ston Easton Park. The hotel is incredibly grand with sumptuous rooms and fine dining, fabulous…….but what to wear?  I thought blue, smart, casual, a little regal maybe? I’m loving pastel blue and a deep cornflower.
Marks & Spencer currently have some beautiful pieces and running short on time (as usual) I luckily have a whacking great big superstore at the top of my road, not only that they have a sale on, superb!
Well, treat Mr B, treat me, that’s how I see it!
Toodle Pip,
Have a fab weekend
Love DSB X 
Pastel Blue - Capsule Weekend Away Wardrobe

Blue shirt

Blue top

Blue coat

Isabel Marant pencil skirt
£410 –

Denim skirt

Pointy toe pumps

Leather shoes

Vegan leather handbag

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