Summer Afternoons

Deborah Simpson Boston

Ah at last, summer seems to be here, it’s definate shorts and T-shirt weather and for me that means trying to catch a few rays.

Today I got up early and I’m keen to get my work done so I can meet friends and then come home to relax in the sun on my lawn.  Heaven is half falling asleep in the sunshine on a balmy afternoon after youve dealt with the business of the day whatever that maybe.

This weekend me and Mr B have major DIY plans which include painting the Boot Room and knocking through to the outside Lavvy……don’t, I know!


Rest asured when the work is done we will be sat in the summer afternoon sun, Mr B and Blue will have a quick kip, meanwhile I’ll be trying out the new colours from nailbox and reading a magazine….this is my kind of bliss! delivers a box of nail goodies from leading brands to your door once a month, which is one less shopping job for me.


Nailbox also tell me they are looking for a ‘Nail Polish Tester’ someone who would receive 50 nail polishes and accessories per month to photograph and review for the company, plus £32k PA, now that’s a job I think I could handle!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend, and be sure to take time for yourself these sunny afternoons.


Love DSB X 

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