The Sunday Supplement #02

DOAHW - Sunday Supplement



Isn’t it marvelous weather at the moment?

After work every day this past week we have hit the beach.  Lovely evening walks across the sand, we try to time it for low tide, Blue thinks its magic, she runs for miles across the bay as far as the harbour wall, and back….then all over again.

Since Tuesday of last week, Mr B and I have begun our summer sea swimming ritual.  Mr B dons his shortie wetsuit and swims out across the bay to the far buoys, looking like a seasoned pro. Depending on the temperature my swim lies somewhere between doggy paddle, front crawl and a splish splashing beached whale!

To be honest I don’t really care just how ridiculous I look, I feel alive and like I’ve achieved something afterwards….anyway I digress.  This week I thought I’d share my weeks beach essentials.

1/ Skincare is all important in the sun, this week I’ve tried Delarom’s Excellence Firming Creme, which smells lovely and combined with the swimming I hope its firming up my thighs!

2/ I use Delarom’s Bronze Absolute on my face, ladies factor 30+ is a must on the face, no excuse!

3/ Sunglasses are from Next

4/ I’m enjoying my silky smooth Kaftan cover up from Jade Jagger, see my post from last week.

5/ I’ve been using my new Bomber Rucksack in Soft Sand from Jas MB, you can buy it exclusively here at Boston&Boston.

6/ I spritz with Jo Malone, Orange Blossom Cologne post swim its fresh summer scent is a natural pick me up.

7/ Finally, I’ve been using SBC Cotton Gel at night, as an after sun soother, its sooo cooling after a day in the sun and the cotton smell is perfect to fall asleep with!


Diary of an Honest Woman - Sunday Suplement


Diary of an Honest Woman Sunday Supplement
DOAHW - Sunday Supplement

Here are my favorite beachy blogs of the week

1, Song of Styles – Off The Shoulder Top and Denim Skirt in Joshua Tree, because it the perfect style for beach or desert.

2. Orchid Grey – Here + There + Happy 4th July, because I love denim jackets and bikini’s.

3. Not Dressed as Lamb – Wearing an Old Favourite, because our summer is so short we will always have hardly used summer dresses

DOAHW - Sunday Supplement


Have a fab Sunday!

Love DSB x 

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