Paul Costelloe SS16 – New Reflections

During London Fashion Week, Paul Costelloe presented his Spring/Summer 2016 collection, ‘New Reflections’.


Set in the prestigious Hotel Cafe Royal, this catwalk show was never going to be anything other than glamorous.

The show started with bright tailored coats and short full-skirted dresses.  With a nod to the 60’s, Costelloe has experimented with neoprene fabrics in bright, bold colours.  The fabric brings a new element to the 60’s look.  Feminine A-line dresses seemed to kick out more, tailored coats seemed sharper and jumpsuits seemed to have more jump.

I wasn’t overwhelmed by the white wedge trainers (which were not by Paul, so why bring them in?) or the cutout tummy sections on some dresses (Surely a hard look for anyone to pull off).  All in all these were two tiny things in an altogether fantastic collection.  I loved the brights, the neoprene, the overly shorter length in skirts and the exaggerated puffed sleeves and necklines.

Paul_Costelloe_SS16_007-200x300 Paul_Costelloe_SS16_002-200x300 Paul_Costelloe_SS16_004-200x300


Paul_Costelloe_SS16_010-200x300 Paul_Costelloe_SS16_013-200x300 Paul_Costelloe_SS16_019-200x300 Paul_Costelloe_SS16_020-200x300 Paul_Costelloe_SS16_021-200x300 Paul_Costelloe_SS16_022-200x300 Paul_Costelloe_SS16_024-200x300 Paul_Costelloe_SS16_029-200x300 Paul_Costelloe_SS16_032-200x300 Paul_Costelloe_SS16_035-200x300 Paul_Costelloe_SS16_037-200x300







































The dresses changed in fabric, for the evening, and the fairy tale ending.  Jacquards were light and floral and skirts were super romantically short.

The Collection was a delight and ultimately made me long for Summer nights in Italy.  I guess if anyone wants to do an Audrey Hepburn, 1960’s inspired collection I can’t think of anyone more qualified and capable than Costelloe.

Love DSB X


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