Sunday Supplement #11

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Hope you enjoyed last week’s fashion posts.  It was fun covering the London Fashion Week Catwalk Shows but it was also hard work, I was shattered by day three!

Not very rock’n’roll I know.  I did go to one celeb party, the PPQ party in Mayfair, which was fun but more than enough partying for one LFW!

Since then I’ve celebrated a Wedding Anniversary and a Birthday, both low key.  I was spoilt with beautiful gifts, I always think having a birthday in September is quite timely, two pairs of Autumn Ankle Boots and a Winters Coat, thank you very much!   I also got tonnes of cards and flowers, thank you all.




IMG_9866This weekend has allowed me some lovely time off, not too much planned, seeing a couple of friends for a catch-up Friday, time with family Saturday and Sunday.

This morning we are displaying typical signs of suburban living, my mum is making apple crumble in the kitchen, my dad has taken the dog for a walk, Mr B has been for his bike ride and is now washing the car.  A for me I’ve done a little gardening, composed and shot some lifestyle images for the blog now I’m having a coffee listening to BBC 6 Music and writing…..The things that Sundays are made for…

It’s not all Fashion Dahling, but I like it!

Love DSB X




PS Here’s my pick of the best of the blogs this week.


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