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You may not have heard of MONU.  I liked it as soon as I heard about it.  First off its a skincare brand designed for professionals, next it’s made from only natural ingredients, finally its formulated and made in the UK.

Do I have you hooked yet?

Every unique formulation utilises the special properties of pure, natural ingredients using plants and herbs, minerals and essential oils.  Which means every time you use a product you have that amazing sensory smelling experience, like your in a a five star spa.


As I said the range was designed as a professional skincare concept, which gives you the feeling that Monu doesn’t mess around also incredibly they have been going for 25 years so they know a thing or two about skincare. you know,  They claim to use, ‘the power of nature to soothe, nurture and protect your skin’ and ‘Refresh your inner being with a range of naturally scientific skin care products.’ and they do all of that with aplomb, what you can’t quite explain is the divine, natural essential smell which exudes from each product deep into you skin.  This effervescent essence of A smell is nothing short of divine.

I tried the Monu Recovery Balm, think Beauty Flash Balm that you can wear every day and smells better, all soft rose and bergamot essential oils.  I also tried Monu Brightening Boost, great for under eyes or as an anytime moisture pick me up with vitamin C and root extracts.

I was also sent the totally fabulous Monu Warming Ginger Massage & Body Oil, which smells beyond amazing, ginger, calendula, Jojoba seed create the most amazing perfume. Finally (and this sold the Spa feeling to me) I tried the Monu relaxing massage candle with rose and patchouli essential oils.  I’m writing this at 9pm at night having had a bath and pampered myself with all the above products.  I smell like I’ve spent a week in a luxury spa break, all radiant and glowing.


And as you’d expect, no MONU formulation contains damaging chemicals, artificial perfumes, or synthetic colours; nor do they test them on animals.

Find out more on the website

Clean, relaxed and smelling wonderful…..Ahhhh!

Love DSB X

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