Sunday Supplement #14


Can you believe It’s November? We have noticed such a difference since the clock’s changed last weekend.  Walking the dog before dark has become a military operation.  Must get work complete, post done by 5pm and out of the door by 5.30.  So far this week I’ve been caught short twice, once on the beach and once in the park both times left me losing a ball, a dog or my sanity.  Note to self, must buy a torch!

The change in seasons can mean the dark nights turn into dark times for some people.  I’m no stranger to bouts of feeling low and depression.  I’ve had one of those interesting weeks, so I thought I’d list the things I do at these times to make me feel happy, as much to remind myself or help others.

Walk – I love walking the dog, we walk twice a day and because we work from home it punctuates the day with big breaths of open air and a much-needed change of scene, be it park, forest, or beach we always return invigorated and tired and ultimately refreshed.

Music – One of the best ways to help with your mood. I listen a lot to 6Music, of course, digital radio means you can now listen to what you want when you want.  If you suffer from a little insomnia plugging into iPlayer gives me enough options to relieve an hour or two of boredom and sooth me into a lovely sleep.

Smell – Is there anything better than getting home on a dark night and lighting a fragrant candle?  I find the perfume in the room can set your mood (or change it!) Choose your fragrance well I love vanilla, pomegranate, fig and bergamot.  Always create an amazing comfort zone for me.  Ditto a bunch of flowers, mood high!

Eat – With the change of season comes all of those amazing seasonal veg.  Perfect for soups and broths, puddings and pies.  Sunday Roast, crumble, and custard.  All good for the soul.  As is chocolate in spades.

Share – Now I’m not so good at this one but I am learning.  A problem shared is a problem halved.  If you are feeling down share your woes with friends.  Pour yourself a cup of tea and settle down with a chocolate biscuit or three and call a friend or text.  Whatever’s troubling you, you will feel 100% better afterward.


 I’ve dug out a couple of blog’s which may be of interest.

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3/Steven Aitchison

I must also say a very special thank you to my oldest and dearest friends. Beautiful Flowers, Amazing Chocolates, and True Friendship.

Enjoy the darker nights of November, I’m looking forward to them!

Love DSB X

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