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Like a lot of women my smart business and meetings wardrobe consists of a lot of black, and a lot of grey. Smart easy boardroom colours that I can mix and match.  The one other colour in which I dabble is Navy.  Navy is a good Winter colour, it suits my blonde hair and can be worn with black or navy overcoats and boots.

So, I was interested today to read an AW15 trend report, identifying an array of popular different shades of blue, from baby shades at Armani to bold indigo at Hugo Boss.  Cecily’s Angel, Grace, and Victoria dresses showcase the spectrum of blues that is perfect for any modern day business woman for AW15, teal, midnight blue, plain blue, navy.

I’ve recently been introduced to the brand Cecily, born from the love of fine tailoring, detail and simplicity, the brand aspires to change the modern day working women’s wardrobe forever.

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Founders Louise & Sarah decided to create a one-of-a-kind capsule collection, featuring a variety of one-piece business dresses that provide a strong,  feminine edge to any boardroom, helping women to stand out positively in the often male workplace.

It’s interesting to see the impact that working women’s outfit choices make in the workplace, the Cecily collection manages to address the variety of issues that women of all ages face when shopping, from ideal dress length to ideal colour tones to how much skin to reveal.

This really interests me, a lot of women in powerful jobs find the whole dressing appropriately an arduous and drawn out task.  Women in the public eye are continuously criticised about what they wear. Politics comes to mind here, I’ll bet that more column inches were devoted to what female politicians wore in the recent party conferences than their party policies.

I digress.  Take a look and see for yourself. for an array of dresses just right for the workplace.  Of course the dresses are available in a spectrum of blues as well as other colours.

When asked to pick my favorite from the collection I find I’m choosing the beautifully tailored bell sleeved Caroline dress, which true to form for me is a beautiful, resplendent shade of Navy Blue!

Love DSB x

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    1. Cecily really do have a beautiful collection which appeals to different women in different workplaces. Sooo glad you like it Stlye Rarebit x

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