Sunday Supplement #17

So by the time you read this I will be in Venice, City of water and love.  Oh, how I’ve longed to float around St Marks Square in Palazzo pants, an oversized sun hat and sunglasses, all silk and ethereal loveliness like Amal Clooney.  Except it’s the end of November and it’s cold and raining and I’m never going to look like Mrs C.

Not one to complain (moi?) I’m not be letting us Brits down by channelling some Italian City Break dressing and packing tips.

1/ Coordinate your clothes.  I’m taking only black, white and navy items of clothing with me.  This means (in theory) everything goes with everything.

2/ One bag fits all.  We are only going away for 4 days people, so I’ve carefully chosen an Italian leather cross body bag by Jas MB.  It’s in the softest black leather and it fits my purse, my sunnies (one can but hope) and lipstick and guidebook.  Done.

3/ Stripes. I always think stripes are good travel companions.  We are in Venice after all so I’m going to go all ‘O Solo Mio’ on the Gondola.  Black and White stripes and Navy and White stripes (in theory) also go with everything.


 4/ Boots.  A mid-heeled boot should see you through from walking the city to business meetings and formal dinners. However being a woman I will, of course, pack more shoes.  One pair of black high heeled shoes (that may or may not be worn) and one pair of flat knee high black boots (ditto).

5/ Coat.  Choose your coat well.  I’m going for a double-breasted Pea Coat in Black, which looks smart and goes with pretty much everything.  I’m also taking a denim shirt that doubles as a jacket.

6/ Lace. I’m taking a lace skirt and blouse from M&S. Separates work hard on a weekend away, dress them up together or down with jeans or a polo neck.

7/ Beauty Samples. I keep all of my trial sizes of lotions and potions in a safe place and when I travel only take these tiny tubes with me.

8/ Clear Bags. I have an aversion to plastic carrier bags, especially those given out for liquids at the airport. I now use make up and toiletries bag in clear plastic which means less airport faff.

9/ Cabin Luggage.  For a weekend away even I only require a small trundly to travel. Everthing fits and no waiting for baggage at the airport.

10/ Passport, tickets, toothbush, keys, money, phone.

Back on Wednesday, have a wonderful weekend!

Love DSB x

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