Winter Skin from SBC

Hello December,

It feels extraordinarily mild and warm outside for the start of the Winter months, but dear December your not fooling me!  I know if I don’t take the necessary precautions by the end of February my face will like a dried-up walnut.  So I have a Winter skincare plan.  More skincare, more often.

Yep, that’s essentially it!  More scrubbing more cleansing, more moisturising and more, richer, thicker Winter type of products.

I don’t have dry skin all year around, but what with the indoor heating, and the cold wind outside I get a couple of little dry spots not to mention my weepy eyes and drippy wet nose. (Ugh!)



As a lover of SBC product for Face and Body, I’ve been using the Vitamin ACE Collection which features the latest technology in advanced delivery systems, Oxysomes. Moisture-boosting Vitamin A, brightening Vitamin C and refining Vitamin E.

The ABC shower Gel and Body Gel are brilliant for freshening up and revitalising skin.  Then I go to the ABC Hydra Gel Face Serum followed by the ABC Day & Night Cream which is brilliantly thick and perfect for Winter cold spells.

SBC Gels are available from the website and QVC.

Love DSB x


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