Sunday Supplement #22

So I’m feeling quite Januaried…. The long break, the getting back to work, Ouch! That felt quite hard on Monday didn’t it?

Ok so we are a week in now folks… and I kinda feel back in the groove, So let’s embrace the benefits of January, long walks, open fires, Sunday Roast in the pub, cosying up, staying at home, trying to be healthy, looking after our waistline, skin, health our sanity, our mental health.

Hmmm? Which brings me to my new years resolutions.  So easy to make, so difficult to keep.

I will strive to listen to my skin this year, do I need moisture? Collagen? Vitamin C? or just plain old H2O?  No doubt I’ll  be finding out during the course of 2016.

 I’ve also resolved to be more responsible about clothing and consumerism this year.  The UK along with the rest of the fashion world buys cheap throw away fast fashion at the expense of the makers.  I work in the fashion industry and know fashion provides a multitude of work worldwide.

So, what can we do? Some decisions will be easy, some will be hard.

I can’t completely commit to not buying anything from Primark this year (cheap vest’s, pajamas, socks) but I will try to be more mindful in my choices.

One thing  I can commit to is Thrift Shopping and Charity Shop Shopping, it’s sustainable, it’s so good in so many ways.

I’ve bought a huge amount this past six months from Charity Shops, preloved, vintage, unique, exciting!

This tea set in the picture is from the British Red Cross Shop, it’s beautiful and I love the fact it’s been loved by someone and then cherished by me.  It was £5!  £5 to give me a posh set of china to serve my tea, but what did that £5 do for people in crisis? For war?  For refugees?

So let’s see how we shop in 2016, I’m going to keep it local and mindful, I’m embracing January with tea and a teaspoon of slow shopping.

Love DSB x


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