Valentines – What Women Want

I love romance but Valentines Day can be tricky.  It’s all got a little bit commercial.  Is it about the biggest bunch of red roses?  Is it about the Michelin-starred meal?  The 5-star hotel or the super bling night out? Meh, more romance, less material fluff….You know?

Here’s my none too costly picks for  a romantic Valentine’s Day…..

1 Flowers – You don’t need to go for red roses and you don’t need to go super expensive.  The roses pictured were £5 from a well-known supermarket.  Tulips and most spring blooms look romantic, remember to take off the sticker and re-wrap if you can in brown paper.

2 Perfumed Candles – Beautiful fragrances set the scene and the mood for a really romantic evening. I try different fragrances all of the time, my current perfume candle du jour is Persian Rose from Spry.

3 Lingerie – What women doesn’t want beautiful undies? These pink rose sets are surprisingly cheap yet very pretty.  From Aldi, I know!

4 Chocolates – Again, us women doth protest about our waistline but on Valentines give us Chocolate or be damned! I’m going old school with Ferrero Rocher.

5 Poetry – I’m just going to pop that one in.  Some of the best verse in the world is penned about love, ditch the terribly sloppy or funny card and go for the real thing, Byron, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, John Cooper Clarke.    Penguin’s Poems for Love might give you some inspiration. If poetry is not your thing try songs with amazing words or meaning. Or write your own!

‘Let me be your electric meter

I will not run out

Let me be the electric heater

You get cold without’



Love DSB x


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