Sunday Supplement #26

Sunday for me is such a good food day.  Sunday is the day to relax and take pleasure in leisurely preparing and eating your dinner.

Sunday feels like a day when you don’t need to be just refuelling, you can take time to plan and cook and make the most wonderful things to eat and share.

However what with London Fashion Week, and a super busy work week I’ve just not had the time to plan and prepare my usual culinary cuisine.  My midweek meals have consisted of goody bag fodder, popcorn, cupcakes and coconut milk and take aways on the London to Brighton night train home….Hmmm.

Thankfully this week I got my first Simply Cook pack in the post, four amazing recipes in one box posted through the door.

It is THE way to Transform Your Mid-week Mealtimes if you a short on time but big on food.

SimplyCook is obsessed with flavour. They hunt the world for delicious dishes and work out the flavour combinations that make them so tasty. Then they source and combine these flavour blends and deliver them to you, along with simple 20 minute recipes to follow.

Four delicious recipes, regularly delivered through your letterbox as often as you want them.  Each recipe comes with 3 authentic flavour blends (like stocks, spices and glazes). With up to 18 ingredients in each flavour blend, these make the meals taste truly authentic.
I have to say I’ve been really impressed with the Simply Cook pack and how easy they make midweek meals, I cooked all four recipes in one week, I especially liked Goan Fish Curry, and this is how I did it…….


Have a lovely food filled Sunday!

Love DSB X

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