Sunday Supplement #27

Where did Sunday go?

I’ve been lazily trying to rearrange my studio, I say lazily because apart from the cleaning I’ve been trying to rearrange my books.  Trouble is, every time I move a book to sort it, keep, chuck, or maybe? The book takes on a story from my past, a memory or a meaning, then I open the book and start reading.  Game Over!

My day has passed like this, I move a few books, see one I recognise to be good, start reading, Mr B shouts “Have you finished yet?” “We should take the dog for a walk”  and so my day continues with minor eating and walking interuptions until now, I am still in the middle of cooking, blogging and spring cleaning a room.  Where does the time go?…..I guess Mum’s have this ten fold.

So today was mother’s day.  We celebrated Mother’s Day last Sunday with a truly yummy pub lunch at The Fountain in Ashurst, Ma, Pa, me and Mr B and pups.  I bought my mum a pretty scarf and some Dream Oil Serum by Deborah Mitchelle. Mum bought lunch pub lunch for us all plus drinks, it seemed fair at the time, …..But perhaps we take our Mum’s for granted?  I know I do.

 Mother’s Day was invented by American greetings card manufacturers to make more sales, a lot of people don’t like it, my Mum would say, “Dont bother its only a day” but Mum’s are important every day.  More each day.

My mum has always said “Your Mum is your best friend,” and It’s true, she is.  It took me some time to work this out but my ma is there for me come hell or high water, she’s only ever a phone call away, a confidant, an advisor, a teacher and a friend.  My Mum would defend me to the hilt, she is truly my best friend and a great lady!

Love you Ma xxx

Hope you all had a special day x


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