Sunday Supplement #31

How glorious has the sun been today?

We were all at home today in what seems like weeks of doing different things.  We decided to walk over to our beach and catch a bit of this year’s Brighton Marathon.

A week of doing other things here and there, Brighton, Shoreham, London makes home seem so much nicer on a Sunday.  Our beach Southwick Beach looked resplendent today with golden sands, still blue sea and big, big sky.

We paused to throw the ball for pups and take in the scene, then we cheered on marathon runners.  12,000 runners this year, just the sixth year since the run began in 2010.  The run has such an international pull to our beautiful city. One your running by the sea, two its a very flat course so good for those PB’s, three it’s Brighton whats not to like go for a run, kick back in Brighton on a Sunday night and take the Monday off work, right?

I pondered this over lunch of a bacon sarnie and coffee in the sun…..

I decided that going forward I, one, need to take more pictures and improve my sky technique, two I should think about running Brighton Marathon and three I’m really quite proud that so many people travel to our fair and dandy city.

Well done to all the runners and Tom, Fran and the team @Brightonmarathon

Love DSB X

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