Sunday Supplement #32

Some things in life are sacred.  For women, happy home, happy family, happy work.  For men ditto.  For women nice shoes, nice clothes, nice bags.  For men nice shoes, nice clothes, nice watches.  For Me good food, good wine, amazing book.  For Mr B good food, good wine and a BMW???

So Mr B is embracing his new role in London, heading up sales for a luxury leather brand. Life has changed forever, commuting, early starts, early nights.  The perks are living life to the full at the weekend, paid holidays….any kind of holiday!  We have gone from working for ourselves to working for other people, the change is profound.

Two weeks into the new role and Mr B wants a new car.  I am in two minds about this, on the one hand, a new car is an unnecessary indulgence, on the other it’s a reward for hard work and a hard commute.

If your working all week and want a bonus then if a car is your thing, buy a car, for me its books, clothes and shoes….oooh and flowers and handbags.

So Mr B bought a car this weekend and I bought books and flowers.  I recently bought How to be Parisien and Ozzy Clarke diaries.  Both brilliant books, both from British Red Cross Shop in Shoreham.  Penny saving treats.

I’ve also got into a habit of buying flowers from our local florist Linden Tree.  My frugal trick is this, one week buy the foliage – a big bunch of Eucalyptus, for example, the following week I buy long stem Ranunculus or Roses.  Thus freshening up the bunch without the big weekly bill.

 So as I wake up on a snoozy Sunday morning I know Mr B is thinking about the new car over his coffee, meanwhile I’m dreaming of books and flowers, whilst scouring the internet for new season bags and shoes. Have we turned into the ubiquitous middle-class couple?  Nah, life has taught me to go with whatever makes you happy be it frugal or frivolous!

Less ranting and more fashion this week on the blog……

Enjoy the rest of your weekend


2 thoughts on “Sunday Supplement #32

  1. Great post, I say treat yourselves. Be in the habit of treating yourself well every day! It can be frugal – just doing happy things, pottering in the garden, or lavish – Mr B deserves that BMW! Love you’s xxx

  2. Lovely words Ron. Thank you. I like the idea of a treat a day, I may need to adopt this mantra…’A treat a day keeps the Dr away!’ Love you’s xxx

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