The Best Cleansing Waters

I think it was a Couple of years ago that I read “wipes are for babies bottoms not for your face” from the fabulously straight talking beauty blogger Caroline Hirons.

I don’t think I’ve used a cleansing wipe since. Wipes leave a sticky residue on your face which I always end up washing off.

For many years I used only water on my face, however, I’ve found my ageing skin benefits a weekly deep cleanse and daily product clean.

Cleansing water or micellar water is now firmly in my daily routine although it’s taken me a little time to work out my favourites.

I’ve pictured my favourites here. All cleanse and wipe away makeup effectively. However, one comes out the overall winner. Bioderma – Crealine H2O – Solution micellaire demaquillante.  At around £15 a bottle, it is not the cheapest option (Amazon do 2 bottles for £17) or do as me and my cousin Claire, take a trip to France to stock up, the micellaire or miracle water (as I like to call it) is sold in every pharmacy for a fraction of the price!
Love DSB X

3 thoughts on “The Best Cleansing Waters

  1. Love caroline Hirons, she is the skincare angel of my entire existence. I love love the garnier micellar water, kind of reached for it even more than bioderma and its cheaper, how do you feel about the two in comparison? Also did you hear bioderma is releasing a micelar water wipes? SO excited!

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