Garden Style

Hurray for a beautiful Summers Day.  It’s officially British Summertime and boy did we have a scorcher today?

I spent the entire day in the garden, eating, entertaining, relaxing.  In the two and a half years we have been in our much loved Victorian Semi we have transformed the garden on a teeny budget.

I’ve bought all of my garden furniture on Ebay, Gum Tree and in our local Charity Shop.  I find that if it’s slightly mismatched it doesn’t matter too much.  If I sand it down and paint it a shade of grey it kind of looks ok.

Our first indulgence in our first summer here was to invest in a studio for the garden, I say studio, it’s a grande shed, painted grey of course.  It’s been a real game-changer for the way we work.  Working from home takes on a whole new level when you have a daily commute of walking the length of the garden to embrace.

It’s been both a sanctuary and a place dedicated to working and writing that doesn’t encroach on the house.  A little shred of good in a lot of ways.

Last weekend we built a garden swing.  It’s a novelty because it’s new, new (from B&Q) and it cost quite a lot for our frugal and upcycled garden space.

On lounging in the sofa/swing (sofing?) today, I’m well and truly hooked.  I read the Sunday papers, I lounged, I sunbathed, I napped.

Dear readers this may be the best ever purchase I’ve ever, ever made.  I know our Summer only last three weeks but give me a swing in an English country garden any day over a holiday abroad.

My new swing, Radio 4, the sound of the cricket on the green and the smell of roses, what better kind of bliss than this?

Love DSB X


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