Sunday Supplement #34

This week is British Flower Week, with a whole week dedicated to my second favourite F word (Fashion is my first) FLOWERS!

When it comes to flowers I like to keep it local, I buy flowers from my local florist Linden Tree and I buy plants from Southwick Nurseries.  Throughout the Summer, I grow flowers in my borders and in my kitchen garden to cut fresh for the house.

I love fragrant Roses and Peony Roses. I also love Hydrangeas, Lavender, Wisteria, Ranunculus and Dahlia’s.

To celebrate British Flower Week I’ve made this easy display using, Eucalyptus, Ferns, Hydrangeas and Wild Daisy’s.  Foilage is just as important as flowers in book.

Here’s my top flower Instagram accounts

1/ Emily Quinton

2/ Abigail Ahern

3/ Make Light Workshops

Love DSB x

Oh andHappy Fathers Day to all Dad’s today!




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