Sunday Supplement #38

I’m not too fond of Halloween to be honest.  I think it’s all got too big and American and over the top.  Two entire rows in Tesco were given up to Halloween-themed costumes, plastic pumpkins, and treats.

When I was young I’d never seen a pumpkin, well maybe in an American movie?  No, we carved Turnips, stuck a candle in a Swede and took our odd looking vegetables proudly to school.

Now I know I went to school about a hundred years ago but this seemed to be a civilised way to celebrate Halloween, not some supermarket fueled vampire frenzy. I could happily have skipped Halloween for the rather spectacular and altogether British tradition of Bonfire Night!

Bonfire Night was our own very British festival, fireworks, bonfires, jacket potatoes and pork pies.  Our efforts were not spent on dressing up in supermarket bought latex Witches costumes like our friends across the pond, no.  We used our imaginations.  We stuffed our Mams stockings with paper to make arms and legs, stole our Dads caps to put on a turnip head.  We had our own special Guy Fawkes to throw on top of the bonfire.  And he looked spectacular!


I must admit I did dress up for Halloween some of my twenty and thirty something years, but I am happy in the knowledge that I never will again.  The idea of fancy-dress now makes me cringe.  I think it’s my age. And yes you can be too old for face paint!

I’m sure if I had children it would be different and I’d be trick or treating or apple bobbing my way to hell.  I did feel like I missed out on this but now I feel like I’m lucky not to be charging around to my neighbours for something called Candy.

If you live on my street don’t be afraid to call, I did give in and bought orange coloured mini muffins from a sexy witch in our Co-Op.  See.  I’m not a total bah humbug!

Love DSB X

Thanks to Linden Tree Flowers for the Green Chrysanthemums and Green Gourds.  I will admit to loving Pumpkin farm pictures on instagram just hold off on the sexy witchy snaps!


2 thoughts on “Sunday Supplement #38

  1. Oh Debs I agree! Plus as sugar does such horrible things to our bodies I cringe at the BUCKETS full of sweets kids will be taking home tonight. However, such is the persuasive power of our little Martha, we are taking her trick or treating tonight. With a SMALL bag. On just our street. And just like i do with all her party bags, I will be putting the sweets in the cupboard (out of sight out of mind…) then throwing them away in a week or 2. She is so excited though, she’s been practicing with her teddies and planning her little outfit. Damn her cuteness!

    1. I know the little ones get so excited don’t they. I don’t mean to be such a grump. It’s just the plastic lurex of it. I’m sure Martha will look amazing in her home made by you outfit. I hope you have a lovely time. I’m putting a pumpkin and a candle outside and I’ve got a basket of buns to give away. Your welcome to pop by for a bun. Have a lovely evening Rhonda xxx

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