How I tackled Contouring

I know what your thinking, contouring has been around like forever now.  Slow on the uptake I loathed it at first, I’m going to give you my older perhaps wiser way that I tackled it.

So yes contouring has been around for some time and yes it passed me by at first.  Doing this and that in beauty I’ve been invited to a number of events to be contoured, the theory being different shades of makeup placed strategically on your face will define cheek bones, slim nose, forehead, basically give you a face lift with makeup.  Piles of it!

so I was all up for this revolutionary beauty thing.  What could go wrong?  The first time I tried it after sitting in the makeup chair for well over an hour I was shown the mirror. Wow! but not in a good way, I looked like I’d been mak up as a fancy dress tiger.  I had the stripes, light, dark medium shades, all I lacked was the black snout and whiskers.  Put me in a tiger onesie and I would have come first at any fancy dress competition.

After this experience I didn’t try it for a while then some beautician grabbed me unaware and a launch and told me I needed contour. This time it was a little better but with huge fat orange stripes down my face a looked like a 1970’s Farrah Fawcett with sunburn.

So I’ve been a little reticent to try it since.


Recently I was sent a Fab Contour Kit from Fab Brows .  It’s a neat little compact with a mirror wich comes with three shades of beautifully reflective powder and most importantly a contour brush.  They also include instructions and a diagram.  So each day I’ve been trying it little by little, somehow its worked its way into my beauty regime and now I love it.


I mean if you want stripes its not for you, this is subtle but used in the right way it works.  I found me some cheekbones and who knew all these years I didn’t need rhinoplasty just a few shades of beige and a brush.

So If like me you are terrified of contouring check this out.  Alternatively, it makes the sweetest Christmas gift.

Love DSB x

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