How to Dress a Shelf

This year I’m planning on writing a whole lot more about home style and sharing my interior design inspiration with you.

I’m forever dressing my home,  bringing in new finds moving older things around.  There’s nothing I like more than curating a shelf.  My dining room shelves are always changing.  Here are my tips on shelf dressing.

1/ Go dark! I painted my shelves a dark charcoal grey like the rest of my room, often painting shelves a dark colour draws attention to them, especially in a white room.

2/ Books.  Collect books and show them on your shelves, group by colour or theme.  I like old looking books and fashion or arts books.

3/ Candles.  Candles look amazing on book shelves and of course make the room smell amazing. I find white candles in jars work on my shelves or gold or silver pots.

4/ Birds.  I have a thing with birds, china figures of parrots, brass figures of fighting cocks.  Phesants painted on porcelein bowls.  Thats my thing, but you may like butterflies, bold lettering or anatomical moving figures are popular.

5/ Flora. Use flowers to dress your shelves, my shelves are too shallow for long stems so I use dried hydrangeas, pots of hyacinths and tumbling ferns and succulents.

Now that you have arranged your shelves, take a #shelfie and next week when your dusting you can arrange them all over again.

Love DSB X


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