London Fashion Week – Five Rules 

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A couple of weeks back I caught some shows at London Fashion Week.

This sounds like such an easy, cool thing to do.  Cool it is but easy it is not!  Going for three days out of five I knew I would need to pack carefully to see the week through!  It starts on a Friday and is technically a weekend rather than a week with shows and presentations back to back.  Press and buyers who attend the catwalk shows know that getting from one show to another can sometimes be tricky.  To see out three full days is one part pure excitement, a couple of parts hard work and one part pure resilience….I will get to the show, and if I can’t find a cab I will walk! Even if I have broken my shoe (Natalie I’m thinking of you!).

This year I knew I needed some comforts to make me feel super smart, sexy and comfortable in equal measures.  So I played safe.


Rule Number One

Take the best coat you can find.  Coats can make the best accessories.  I wore a black coat by Kenzo x HM in black with an oversized collar and big gold buttons.  I wore it over my shoulder on day One, checked it in to cloakroom with goody bags on day two.  On day three I wore it almost as a dress.  I pulled up my collar and observed shows from behind a forbearing lapel.

Rule Two

Take shoes that look good but that you can walk in.  I love the idea of being papped but I love the idea of being comfortable and seeing the shows more.  Trust me you don’t want to look like an extra from Ab Fab.  

Rule Three

You dont need to make every show.  If you miss a show its not the end of the world.  This year especially I relaxed and if I missed a show I caught friends and lunched somewhere lovely.  This is just as important as the catwalk.

Rule Four

Say Yes, take opportunities as you find them.  Say yes to the networking the aftershow and the show.  Although be careful not to overdo it so you can come back tomorrow.

Rule Five

Go in numbers, you might have the outfit, the invite but make sure you meet your friends.  London Fashion Week is soo much better when you share it.  Oooo and don’t take yourself so seriously.  Fashion is fun.  xxx 


Love DSB X



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