Packing for a Spring Break

The first glimpse of spring for me is my neighbour’s Magnolia Tree, the most majestic of bold pink petals growing high into the sky.  The second is the sudden burst of cherry blossom in our garden.  Hundreds of tiny buds open to display an astonishing show of pink.  The Magnolia and The Blossom have two things in common, for me they both signal the start of spring and also both beautiful displays last only for a short time.

I’m writing this post from Brussels where I’ve just spent the day walking Streets and Boulevards carpeted in sweet-smelling petals.

Whilst its been hot in the sun the past few days it is surprisingly cold in the shade.  Packing for a Spring break or Easter holiday takes a bit more thought than usual.

Go for transitional clothes that can shoulder the change from Winter to Spring.  Take trousers.  culottes, ankle grazers, cut off jeans and 3/4 trousers. I’ve packed four pairs of these for my week-long trip.  One olive-green everyday will go with anything and on a sunny day can wear with flip-flops.  One posh heavy navy blue for more sophisticated days, a pair of  cut off jeans and finally black culottes that can transcend just about any occasion as and when needed.

Keep it simple for the top half.  I’m going to hook onto Blue as my major colour for this pack as I have jeans and trousers in blue and a navy embroidered bomber andlinen structured jacket.

For this reason I’ll be keeping all tops, shirts and jumpers in shades of blue and white.  I’ve of course thrown in a stripe and a black blouse for an unexpected posh dinner.  But otherwise its a white shirt or T-shirt option (I need only 2 but packing 6 for safety).

Finally white plimsoles, multicoloured trainers, every day boots, a midi heel in pink and a high-heeled black mule.  Shoes dont count as extra if your travelling by car, finding their own way in the footwells..

That’s it! Capsule wardrobe complete x

Love DSB X



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