How to Upcycle a Kitchen Dresser

Have you seen the recent trend for dark navy or very deep blue kitchens? I’ve been lusting over these dark kitchens from Devol for ages.  They look so luxurious and expensive.


With our extension put off until next year and no budget for a new kitchen, we set about upcycling our existing circa 1980’s Kitchen for the second time.

We visited B&Q and choose a dark shade of Valspar paint suitable for Kitchen units.  It only took us around a day to paint (twice)  we finished the look, I like to call it Dark Shaker with brass handles and white walls.

So the kitchen was finished but not finished….It lacked something.

It took a couple of weeks but I snooped around furniture shops then charity shops and finally, I found a Kitchen Dresser. Pine, in need of TLC, £110.  I snapped it up!

Now rather handily I had the dresser delivered on Saturday morning, Mr. B had it painted by Saturday lunchtime and he fitted brass handles on Saturday night.

We left it to dry thoroughly overnight.  The next day it was ready to dress and ready for bank holiday guests.

Painting it in a dark blue hue took it from 1990’s staple pine kitchen kit to sleek, luxe loveliness for a tiny cost.

What do you think?  Are you tempted to take your Kitchen to the dark side?  Drop me a line and let me know….

Love DSB X


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