Palm Print Sunday

Don’t you think some words go better together than others?  I love the two words Summer Afternoons, a match made in heaven.  I also like Pink Lemonade, who doesn’t?

How about Palm Print?  Me I love it! Can’t get enough of it.  Makes me think of Victorian Conservatories with giant palms, and holidays and sipping tea on Summer afternoons, there’s a theme here right, clearly, I was born in the wrong era….

Now, I have green palm cushions and a chintzy palm lamp but I’m thinking of wallpaper, full on palm on palm taking over the dining room.  Mr B is going to be in Florence for a week with work so perhaps I could plan a makeover? Hmmm.

For this weekend at least I’ve contented myself with this rather lovely palm print bikini and matching sarong from H&M.  It’s really all you need for lounging in the garden on a summer afternoon sipping pink lemonade.

Enjoy the weekend, I’m off to find those other two words that go together so well.  Gin and Tonic!

Love DSB x

Bikini & Sarong – H&M

Sunglasses – Karl Largerfeld

Ring and Bangles – Sam Ubhi Jewellery

Slides – H&M

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