A little church and a lot of hotel…Part II

Seaham Hall

The trip ‘up north’ had resulted in securing our family church St Helen’s Church Kelloe, pretty and steeped in history, it had to be the place.  We also viewed a number of hotels, for me there was only ever two in the running…Rockliffe Hall and Seaham Hall  both are fab 5 star hotels with lovely indulgent spa’s, Rockliffe is all new and sparkly whilst Seaham drips in history.  For Mr B however there was no contest, Seaham Hall he said had ‘a true pedigree’, history; (Lord Byron was married there), architecture; visually it’s a stunning house with modern highlights and uber luxury.  Finally location; added to that its set on the dramatic North East coast next to the north sea,  for Mr B and me it’s the right place.  Isn’t it funny how sometimes craggy and dramatic can win hands down to brand new.

After initially reserving the hotel for Saturday 25th September, we visited it again over the Easter break.  It’s grown on us more.  We ate there in The White Room, (all starched linen and high ceilings, with a welcome feel and outstanding menu).  Mr B had steak and I had craster kipper salad, it didn’t disappoint.  After we digested with a coffee in the drawing room and looked around the hotel’s 19 rooms, all utterly fantastic suites, individually designed.  We saw the Penthouse, and it’s a must, views of the sunning vortex below.  We were looked after by Kelly the wedding planner, who is going to be really good at all the things I’m not any good at, ie organised! OMG I have a date and a venue and a wedding planner.  Who’d have thought it! Wow, must take my breath! With just over 5 months to go we have our favourite date, church and venue.  Done, done and done

Miss S x

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  1. Ahhh Seaham Hall is a top choice! Beautiful, beautiful hotel…..and the spa….wow! I’m from the north east too, living in the south, and a trip home is always planned just after Valentines Day (as hubby knows that a spa day at Seaham is the best gift he could give to say he loves me!).

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