Its all about THE DRESS!

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I’m fast learning that planning a wedding has many stages and with it come many decisions.  Booking the church and Seaham Hall were the first 2 major decisions.  Though, I have a feeling that this next stage for me may be the most enjoyable.  Choosing THE DRESS! (insert small but very high pitched scream!)

I’ve loved fashion from a young age; I think I learnt to say ‘la Croix’ just after mama & dada.  Well maybe not that early but certainly after Ab Fab.  I’ve been drawing dresses ever since I can remember so I knew as soon as the question was popped that the wedding dress had got to be special.

I booked an appointment at Leonie Claire Bridal in Brighton.  Leonie suggested coming in with a friend on an afternoon so that I could spend a couple of hours tying on.  So armed with my bridesmaid Rhonda I began the search.  I tried a few big dresses to rule them in or out….and I surprisingly really liked them.  So I tried fishtails and loved them…slinky’s next, ditto… fact I practically loved every dress in the shop!

leonieclaireLeonie was understanding and offered advice…..”try your favourites on again, when you do you’ll know the one.”….so I did.  First I tried the Suzanne Neville….amazing corsetry; I found the waist I never knew I had!  I cried.  This must be the one.  I tried the David Fielden, all slinky with delicately sequined bust to try and rule it out but oh no more tears!  Finally a Sarah Arnett dress, I must say I felt more affinity with the Sarah Arnett perhaps because she is locally based in Brighton and I’ve worn her dresses before.  I loved the slinky plunge neckline and pleating, and I had some more tears.


Leonie had more advice.  “Take some time off”, she said.  She sent me off with another appointment in a few weeks time.  I haven’t made my mind up yet but I can’t wait to go back and try them again maybe with my mum.  I’ll bring the tissues! x

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  1. As bridesmaid and also bride-to-be I can recommend many happy hours in Leonie’s shop being helped into and wrestled out of beautiful dresses. Mmm

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