Love is Like a Butterfly…

doubebutterflyIt’s all about the house this week at Honest Woman HQ.  Almost completed on our new house and weekend thoughts turned to decoration…..

So setting off with only a handful of change, Mr B and I descended upon Brighton car boot sales and flea markets…..

Now I’m not a fan of the smell of second hand shops but I can sniff out a bargain be it slightly pongy or otherwise….and look what treasures we found!

photo2Tropical butterfly taxidermy was the order of the day….very of the moment…..its ticks the boxes for me something natural and beautiful to look at and its very interesting….

Of course now I shall need to invent a story about how they are a family heirloom and how Great Uncle Bernard caught them whilst researching botany  in the Cooks……or shall I be related to Darwin?……Oh the dinner party fun that can can be had with these beauties!



Mrs B X 

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