The Annie Sloan Effect….

as1If I’ve not mentioned it before we are buying a house….on a budget I might add!  Leaving the joys of central Hove for a whole house on a beautifully leafy green just outside of Brighton & Hove.

All sounds good so far…well yes except we don’t have gas, central heating or hot water and the last time it was decorated was 1973!

So we have something of a project on our hands!  As a lover of old furniture and junk shop finds I’ve been researching ways to add a bit life to old or unwanted furniture and this is when I found Annie Sloan.

Annie Sloan has been making chalk based paints for over the last 20 years, leading the decorative painting revolution so to speak!  Her paints, colours and techniques are much respected the world over….not only that but you don’t need to prep the furniture so, no sanding, no undercoat, no fuss really…..I might just be ok at this?

as 2

The paints and wax arrived today….Paris Grey (of course), Old White, Aubusson Blue and Clear Wax to seal…..I really can’t wait to try them out and show you the results……Now where’s that brush?

Love Mrs B X 

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